Stop by The Random Memorandum exhibition space to see the documentation of the project over the past semester and the collection!

I want to thank everyone for their participation in The Random Memorandum thus far! It is you the community who has helped build and strengthen the project, we look forward to see what happens in the future!

Thank you for everyone who visited the MIA library!

Thank you Ruben and Scott for a great discussion! Also thank you to everyone who came out!

Visit the Location Books website to preview their books and find out a little about what they do. Join us on Tuesday for a discussion with Ruben and Scott!

Thanks to everyone who came for the collective investigation, it was indeed a success!

Stay tuned for more events from The Random Memorandum.

Find out what Matthew Bakkom’s collective investigation is all about: here.

Please join us for a collective investigation presented by Matthew Bakkom in our very own MCAD library!

The kick off to The Random Memorandum went swimmingly! People were gathered, words were spoken, food was eaten, and a ribbon was cut!

The Random Memorandum is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Hope to see you all there.

The Random Memorandum uses the knowledge, inspiration, and artifacts of its participating members to celebrate and share the diverse and varied interests of the community it lies in. The Random Memorandum is initiated through its physical location and prompted through suggested contributions. Assembly of the library’s content expands with every donation from contributing members.